Why you Should Eat 2 Kiwi Fruit as Soon as you Have Given Birth!

Every woman is nervous about her first POO after giving birth! Whether you have had a Caesarean or a Natural Birth, you will no doubt be dreading the first time you have to try and do a number two.

The softer the stool (poo), the easier it will be to get out and the less strain it will put on your abdominal muscles and perineum (area between vagina and anus).

Kiwi fruit are a natural and mild laxative and eating a couple after you have given birth can be a great idea to get things going!

If you don’t like Kiwi fruit then of course many other fruits and vegetables can also act as mild laxatives.

If you suffer from constipation that does not seem to respond to a good diet then a product like Fybogel which contains Ispaghula Husk should help.  You can get this over the counter or on prescription with your Maternity Exemption Certificate.

Do see your doctor or midwife if your constipation continues.

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