Why am I Terrified of Childbirth?

Why am I Terrified of Childbirth? by Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Roger Marwood Msc FRCOG Fear of Childbirth (FOC) or Tokophobia is finally getting some long overdue attention and consideration by doctors and midwives who look after pregnant women . There are various definitions. It is perhaps best described as a significant anxiety disorder or phobia relating to labour and delivery usually associated with a variety of other complaints . These can take the form of ¬†nightmares, sleep disorders, a variety of physical symptoms, difficulties at home and at work, and often result in a request for Caesarean section. Previous studies […]

Restless Legs during Pregnancy

For the last few weeks I have been really uncomfortable with restless legs – often meaning am only getting 2 h sleep at most. Should I go to doctors (am 30 weeks pregnant) ? Is there anything I can do to relieve it?! It is driving me crackers!!¬† It sounds as if you have the well recognised, but sometimes distressing “Restless Leg Syndrome“ It is surprisingly common and occurs more commonly in women than men , and is 2 or 3 times more likely to occur in pregnancy. Up to 25% of pregnant women report some symptoms. It is often […]

Help for Sleep Deprived Mothers (and fathers) – by Jo Tantum

Hello to all you sleep deprived families out there, A poll conducted by Mother & Baby Magazine found that sleep deprivation was one of the causes of post -natal depression and that it played havoc with the relationships and working lives of new parents. The survey found: 56% of working mothers said weariness left them in a “state of despair”. 82% admitted a lack of sleep affected their performance at work. 88% felt fed up, exhausted and pulled in too many directions. 70% said their tiredness was so debilitating they felt unable to function properly. 61% said their boss was […]