We are really pleased to be able to share this brilliant review with you!   Beth Underhay who blogs for Jiggery Bloggery  attended our classes last month and this is what she had to say!!!   Doctor and Daughter – the fabbest antenatal classes in town Are you sitting comfortably? (Good, ‘cos it’s a long ‘un.) Then I’ll begin…  I think I’ve mentioned before that we did some antenatal classes to help us prepare for the advent of our new lives as parents. We’re bloody glad we did, because without them we’d be more than a little clueless, and we’re […]

Antenatal Class Testimonials!

Sorry if it’s a bit boasty..But we just wanted to share some of the great feedback we have been receiving! About the Course Content I think it was brilliant, there was enough both for women and partners and a good balance between emotional, practical and medical information. Content was comprehensive without being overwhelming. Really great balance of ‘real’ perspective i.e without sugar coating but lots of positivity about ‘you can do this’ and you will survive! I found it extremely helpful and reassuring. Great advice from two very experienced people in two different areas. All questions were answered and feel […]

Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer – A Review

How brilliant to be able to take your child’s temperature without disturbing them whilst they are sleeping! When your baby has yet another nasty virus that he picked up at Play Group and is throwing a high temperature, it can be really worrying, especially at night time.  Babies seem to get so hot in the night and a temperature that is reaching 40 degrees is every parents fear. When our boys are really sick we often get up in the night to check their temperatures and make sure they are comfortable.  Sticking a thermometer in their ears often wakes them […]

Jojo Maman Bebe Jeans- A review

Every pregnant woman needs a decent pair of Maternity Jeans and with 5 Pregnancies between us , my sister and I have been hunting for the ultimate pair! They are more often than not too tight in the wrong places, saggy at the knees, slipping down over the burgeoning or bulging bump, unflattering and down right depressing! Jojo Maman Bebe have a huge range of top quality jeans made from comfortable stretch denim! Not the cheap stretch denim that fades and goes saggy after 5 minutes of wear..but a really nice thick stretch denim that really hugs your bum and […]