A Second Time Mum Reviews The Doctor and Daughter Antenatal Classes

One of our recent clients and her husband have sent us a great review of our course. Thank you Margret and Nick! I wanted to take an opportunity to write a review to say how great I found the Doctor and Daughter course.  This is my second pregnancy and the Doctor and daughter team weren’t around at the time I was having my first. I was very impressed with their website and the level of detail it provided I was very keen to take this course, and I was not disappointed. To give a quick summary, the course was spread out over 6 sessions (7 including a first aid course), most sessions […]

What Cosmetics are Safe to use when Pregnant?

I am 9 weeks pregnant and have been reading up on the various ingredients found in cosmetic products that should be avoided. Even my most basic products such as those from the brand ‘Simple’ seem to have at least one ingredient that should be avoided. Is this scaremongering or should all these ingredients genuinely be avoided? I feel really confused and worried about harming my baby. I am unaware of any cosmetic preparations that are unsafe to be used in pregnancy.  A recent study of the literature fails to demonstrate any significant risks associated with the normal use of Cosmetic […]

Flying, Hair Dye and Progesterone

I am 43 and 4 weeks pregnant. I miscarried at 8 weeks in April. I am due to fly to France this week, but it isn’t urgent. I have a hair appointment for colour on Tuesday. Should I continue with these things as normal or, at my age, should I treat this pregnancy as more fragile?  I am taking progesterone tablets as I had been experiencing spotting during my normal cycle & I have decided to continue taking this as a precaution.   Flying at this stage in pregnancy is safe and a short flight does not put you at […]

Is it Safe to take Primrose Oil When Pregnant?

I have just been recommended to take evening primrose oil capsules from 34 weeks to help with skin stretching and labour.  Is it safe to take? It appears to be safe in late pregnancy, but not without side effects and an unpleasant taste Nausea, bloating and digestive problems are common. I feel it is my duty to tell you that there is insufficient evidence that it has any beneficial effect on labour, timing of delivery, preeclampsia, or baby size, and is generally not recommended. I can’t find any evidence about skin stretching. Hope this is helpful.

Can I get my highlights done whilst I am Pregnant?

I am 19 weeks pregnant (first time) so unsure, with few things. My question is, whether it is safe to do highlights during my next visit at the hairdresser? There are various opitions about colouring your hair during pregnancy where one should not do any chemical treatments on your head and others saying that if it’s just highlights, it is fine as the colour won’t touch the scalp. Could you please help me here? I am really confused..My priority is the good of the baby but I still want to look like a human while I go through this exciting […]

Anaphylactic – Worried about Giving Birth

Basically, I’m anaphylactic – cause unknown – and have had two attacks in my life and carry an Epi-pen. The first was when I was 10 and it was a very hot day and I was running various races at school and went in to anaphylactic shock. They thought it was an asthma attack at first but then I was rushed to the hospital and the doctor on call immediately recognised it. Apparently my skin had gone all blue and blotchy and my system was shutting down. The second one I was abroad dancing aged 19, again very hot and […]

Worried about Watery Discharge

Hi, I have been getting watery discharge somedays more than others. I also noticed today that as well as the watery discharge I had a thicker line of white discharge. I am slightly worried and not sure if its normal. I am 17 weeks 2 days pregnant. Extra vaginal discharge is normal in pregnancy . If its a small amount and not smelly then it is just because of the changes of pregnancy on the tissues in the vagina and cervix. If it is profuse , coloured , smelly or itchy then you should take advice. Thick white discharge is […]

Pregnancy after IVF, and the Absurdity of life after Infertility

Pregnancy after IVF, and the absurdity of life after infertility by the very courageous Georgy Mason who gave birth to her beautiful baby girl yesterday 5.1.15 at 18.25 You’ve met me before so you know already that I tried to conceive for 8 years and that I would not be pregnant today if it had not been for the strength of my husband and his ability to remind me that a little humour fixes most things. You know a little more now about the crazy rollercoaster of the IVF journey, but what you don’t know yet is that the joke doesn’t end there, it continues into pregnancy!  I […]

Should I take my own blood pressure?

Should I take my own blood pressure? Roger Marwood says – Raised blood pressure is one of the commonest problems seen in pregnancy.  About one in ten women are affected. Sometimes the problem exists before pregnancy, and sometimes it occurs during , or even shortly after, the pregnancy.  When  combined  with protein in the urine, changes in clotting , and abnormal kidney and liver function , it can be a very serious risk for both mother and baby. This is called preeclampsia , and is the reason why every pregnant woman has her blood pressure checked at every visit. There […]

9 Weeks Pregnant and Boobs no longer hurt?

I am 9 weeks 4 days pregnant and I have noticed my breasts are not as sore and arguably even a little smaller than last week (although still bigger than my usual self) – shall I go and do an ultrasound this week just in case something is wrong? My NHS scan is at week 12. I already did an ultrasound at 6 weeks and we saw a heartbeat. In the absence of any other symptoms I would expect everything to be normal. But if you are anxious or worried then having a scan should put your mind at rest. […]