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Why am I Terrified of Childbirth?

Why am I Terrified of Childbirth? by Obstetrician and Gynaecologist Roger Marwood Msc FRCOG Fear of Childbirth (FOC) or Tokophobia is finally getting some long overdue attention and consideration by doctors and midwives who look after pregnant women . There are various definitions. It is perhaps best described as a significant anxiety disorder or phobia relating to labour and delivery usually associated with a variety of other complaints . These can take the form of  nightmares, sleep disorders, a variety of physical symptoms, difficulties at home and at work, and often result in a request for Caesarean section. Previous studies […]

Confessions! A New Blog Post

CONFESSIONS Author: Rebecca Maberly Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 Motherhood isn’t a breeze by any stretch of the imagination. So, why do we pretend we’ve got it perfected when anyone worth impressing is within earshot? We all have off moments. In fact, most us have a few off moments a day. Many mothers struggle with parenting demons – in fact dark thoughts and bad habits are more common than you think. We all have these feelings! Let’s absolve ourselves of our ‘sins’ by ‘fessing up and coming clean about the ‘bad’ things we mothers think and do! I’ll go first. I […]

The Selfish Grandmother! Do you know one?

Read what my mother has to say about being a Granny as she guest blogs for the Selfish Mother! The Selfish Granny? You get the call. Daughter: “Mother… you’re going to be a Granny!” “Wow!” you say, gulping back tears of joy and wonderment, “How WONDERFUL. Aren’t you CLEVER! When? When?” Daughter: “I’ve done 10 tests today and they’re ALL positive, so we’ve worked out it will be September.” (It is at the moment January)…”we’re not telling a soul until 3 months, so I SUPPOSE we shouldn’t get excited yet.” You: “Absolutely, darling – let’s keep calm and wait till […]

The Selfish Mother Speaks!

MOLLY GUNN is mother to Rafferty, nearly 3 and Max 6 months – she is Editor of blogzine, a freelance lifestyle journalist and runs online shop with her husband Tom.   Ready to Pop!    What was your favourite part of being pregnant? I really enjoyed being pregnant both times, especially the 2nd time with my son Max. I felt fit and healthy during much of it. My favourite part was the 2nd trimester when my bump was still compact and I didn’t feel too tired.  What was the worst bit about being pregnant? I got pneumonia!! Yes […]