Antenatal Classes in South London

As the name suggests, we are the ideal antenatal team – Roger Marwood, the London Obstetrician who has supervised over 20,000 pregnancies, and his daughter Rebecca Maberly, who has two young children of her own. Check out our up-to-date and evidence- based Antenatal Classes to mums and dads-to-be in the Balham, Clapham, Streatham, Tooting and Wandsworth areas. Please visit our dedicated website Antenatal Classes in London  

VIDEO DEBUT – We should ALL be doing Pelvic Floor Exercises!

Ever wondered WHY we should do Pelvic Floor Exercises and HOW? It will all become clear.

Why I did not (could not) breastfeed my babies

It goes without saying that every mother wants the best for her baby.  It also goes without saying that most educated women know that breastmilk is indeed the best form of nourishment you can give your child.  But time and time again we hear health workers, politicians and journalists commentating on the unsatisfactorily low breastfeeding rates in this country. The pros of breastfeeding are obvious.  It is free, (compared with £10 a week on formula for 12 months – £500), natural (there are stories of crushed fish bones in formula, incidents of glass shavings in the powder, the possibility of […]

About Doctor and Daughter – text

  Roger Marwood is a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital in London.  He has 40 years experience working in a busy NHS hospital and has personally supervised around  20 000 pregnancies and countless deliveries. He is a past president of the Royal Society of Medicine and has worked extensively for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists. Rebecca Maberly is his eldest daughter who gave birth to her first child last year.