A Second Time Mum Reviews The Doctor and Daughter Antenatal Classes

One of our recent clients and her husband have sent us a great review of our course. Thank you Margret and Nick! I wanted to take an opportunity to write a review to say how great I found the Doctor and Daughter course.  This is my second pregnancy and the Doctor and daughter team weren’t around at the time I was having my first. I was very impressed with their website and the level of detail it provided I was very keen to take this course, and I was not disappointed. To give a quick summary, the course was spread out over 6 sessions (7 including a first aid course), most sessions […]

Antenatal Class Testimonials!

Sorry if it’s a bit boasty..But we just wanted to share some of the great feedback we have been receiving! About the Course Content I think it was brilliant, there was enough both for women and partners and a good balance between emotional, practical and medical information. Content was comprehensive without being overwhelming. Really great balance of ‘real’ perspective i.e without sugar coating but lots of positivity about ‘you can do this’ and you will survive! I found it extremely helpful and reassuring. Great advice from two very experienced people in two different areas. All questions were answered and feel […]

The Doctor/Grandfather Speaks! What is it like to be an Obstetrician with two Pregnant Daughters?

Double Grandpa! Wilf 9 days and Daisy 0 days! It had been a long day at the Hospital, and that first cold beer was top of my “to do” list when I got home on that warm September evening. ! I was surprised (and delighted) to find both my daughters waiting for me. Both giggling. And both NOT clutching a large glass of chilled rose. I should have known! I was instructed to sit down, close my eyes and hold out both my hands. A plastic, stick-like object was placed in each open palm. What were they? I was mystified. […]

Interview with Sheknows.co.uk

Please have a look at our first interview with Sheknows.co.uk