Antenatal Classes in South London

As the name suggests, we are the ideal antenatal team – Roger Marwood, the London Obstetrician who has supervised over 20,000 pregnancies, and his daughter Rebecca Maberly, who has two young children of her own. Check out our up-to-date and evidence- based Antenatal Classes to mums and dads-to-be in the Balham, Clapham, Streatham, Tooting and Wandsworth areas. Please visit our dedicated website Antenatal Classes in London  

FREE Online Antenatal Classes

Come over and check out our new venture “A Mother Place”  where we are providing FREE Online Antenatal Classes! Sound too good to be true? It does doesn’t it? But we promise there are no nasty catches! We just believe passionately that every woman deserves access to the most up-to-date and honest information for her Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond! Check them out and then share with someone you know!                 A Mother Place


We are really pleased to be able to share this brilliant review with you!   Beth Underhay who blogs for Jiggery Bloggery  attended our classes last month and this is what she had to say!!!   Doctor and Daughter – the fabbest antenatal classes in town Are you sitting comfortably? (Good, ‘cos it’s a long ‘un.) Then I’ll begin…  I think I’ve mentioned before that we did some antenatal classes to help us prepare for the advent of our new lives as parents. We’re bloody glad we did, because without them we’d be more than a little clueless, and we’re […]

A Second Time Mum Reviews The Doctor and Daughter Antenatal Classes

One of our recent clients and her husband have sent us a great review of our course. Thank you Margret and Nick! I wanted to take an opportunity to write a review to say how great I found the Doctor and Daughter course.  This is my second pregnancy and the Doctor and daughter team weren’t around at the time I was having my first. I was very impressed with their website and the level of detail it provided I was very keen to take this course, and I was not disappointed. To give a quick summary, the course was spread out over 6 sessions (7 including a first aid course), most sessions […]

James Cracknell’s Wife – The Beautiful Beverley, Bares All!

Beverley Turner is a Daily Telegraph columnist and presenter of Bump Club on BBC Radio 5 Live.   She is married to James Cracknell and is the founder of Beverley Turner’s Birth to Baby Antenatal Classes.       What was your favourite part of being pregnant? Not having to hold my stomach in and having massive boobs! Any woman who has grown up in our era of skinny jeans  must know the luxury of letting it all hang out – that was bliss. And, actually, sex was rather lovely in pregnancy. Nobody tells you about all that extra blood flowing […]

Interview with Louisa Van den Bergh of Lulubaby

Interview with Louisa Van den Bergh of Lulubaby Antenatal Classes   Louisa Van de Bergh   What was your favourite part of being pregnant? Feeling my baby kick! So sweet to think of a little person in there kicking away.   What was the worst bit about being pregnant? When he stopped kicking  – I knew something wasn’t right and went into hospital. Within an hour he had been born by emergency c-section.   Did you develop any strange cravings or strong aversions to anything? Nothing particularly strange, but needed stodge and masses of it.   Did you find out […]

Interview with Marina Fogle of the Bump Class

Interview with Marina Fogle, co-founder of The Bump Class and wife of Ben Fogle   What was your favourite part of being pregnant? Feeling the kicks starting – I was obsessed with those little flutters and remember spending a day literally lying on the sofa desperately trying to feel the kicks with my hands so that I could alert Ben.   What was the worst bit about being pregnant? I had a miscarriage before I had Ludo and first time around I focussed a lot on the negatives of being pregnant but by the time I was pregnant again, I realised […]

What is the Antenatal Clinic like at your Local Hospital?

Even if your local hospital is a bit scruffy with outdated decor, it is probably not as bad as this. This is where pregnant women in Gimbie, Ethiopia have their antenatal appointments. If you would like to make a donation to help Roger and his team make a difference in Ethiopia please visit our Justgiving site and make sure you mention this site when leaving your details!  Thank you!


Our up-to-date information will help you to make informed decisions on whether or not you should be drinking alcohol, running a marathon or eating smoked salmon during your pregnancy and how you might be feeling week by week.  We will guide you through the daunting task of deciding what equipment you need to buy for the baby’s arrival and what you should be packing in your hospital bag as your due date approaches.  Read through our tips for dealing with pregnancy, labour and the first few weeks of your baby’s life, and make sure your partner reads through our advice […]