Some Christmas Gift Ideas for a Pregnadillo *


* Name coined by my sister and I when we were pregnant.  A Pregnadillo is a slightly grinchy pregnant person who is a bit worried/achey/tired/fat/nauseous and slightly begrudges other people having  fun around them, especially at Christmas!  This may continue for a few weeks/months after the baby is born!


The Pregnadillo needs extra special presents at Christmas to help her feel comfy, good about herself and excited about the birth of their baby!

Here are some suggestions of gifts for the Pregnadillo in your life!

  • Cashmere Bed Socks – show me a pregnant person, indeed any person over the age of 25 who doesn’t yearn for a pair of these bad boys!
Cashmere Bed Socks from The White Company


  • A Snuggly Cardigan – one that can be used during and after pregnancy, to hide a multitude of sins and make you feel both cosy and stylish!
Cashmere Cardigan


  • A Party Top – one that you can chuck on with of a pair of Maternity Jeans and a pair of heels and instantly feel a million dollars!  Sequins and Sparkles will brighten up any outfit and if you pick carefully you can find one you can wear post-pregnancy too!
How lovely is this! Plenty of room for a bump and will also look great after the baby is born!


  • Luxury Dressing Gown – if hers is grey and threadbare then treat her to a new one.  She will need it for the night feeds and the early mornings!


Every mother needs one for early mornings and night feeds!


  • Lotions and Potions – especially ones that promise lovely things like Omega 3, 6 and 9 to build your skin’s strength and elasticity.
Tummy Rub!


  • A Smart and Stylish Changing Bag – a leather one that is more like her handbag than a naff mummsy plastic one! She is going to have to carry it around all day everyday so its worth spending money on one she loves!


Luxurious Changing Bag with room for all baby’s essentials!


And something for the baby?

  • A Baby Blanket – always a great present to receive as you can never have enough!  If you don’t know the sex of the baby then grey or blue are the best bets!


Super Cute Baby Blanket – Blue is perfect for a baby girl or boy!


  • New Baby Clothing – A set of new born baby clothes will bring a tear to most expectant mother’s eyes!  Chose neutral colours if you dont’ know the sex of the baby.