Dear Partners and Fathers – here is a section designed to help you understand exactly what is going on in your partner’s body and mind during her pregnancy.  We do hope that this will help you to dodge a few bullets over the next few months as you will be forewarned about possible mood swings, aches and pains as the pregnancy progresses.  You will also be suitably informed when the big day arrives and armed with useful tips and information to make sure you are doing the right thing at the right time!  If your partner is having a natural birth, we will talk you through what you can expect at each stage and how you can help not only her, but also yourself, to come through the experience as unscathed as possible. If your partner is having a Caesarean Section, we will tell you where to stand, what to expect and if you are squeamish, what not to look at!

Fathers can often feel left out during this whole experience, so hopefully these sections will help you to understand what is going on during this time and help you feel involved.

Pregnancy can feel like a very strange episode in your life and women react to this episode in all kinds of ways.  For many women it is a time of joy and excitement.  Your partner may feel brilliant, look fantastic and fly through her pregnancy without a hitch.  She may take every ache or twinge in her stride and apart from her growing abdomen, remain identical to the woman she once was…

OR, she may, over-night, transform into a bloated, nauseous, aching, grumpy, paranoid, anxious woman who no longer resembles the woman you once knew!

HOPEFULLY, your experience will involve more of the former woman than the latter, but just in case she turns over night, you will know how to deal with her!


First of all – LOOK AT THIS!!

Every time you think your wife/partner is being grumpy or moaning about being tired or uncomfortable, just remember what you have just seen on this link! She IS tired and she IS uncomfortable, as would you be if your intestines and lungs were being pushed up towards your neck to make room for a growing baby!  Being tired and uncomfortable will make her grumpy and its only natural that the person closest to her will be on the receiving end of any displays of disgruntlement!

Even before you can see an obvious baby bump, or before she or you can feel the baby move, she will be feeling changes that may upset or worry her.

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What can you do to help during Labour?  Find out here!

And finally, The Birth, and what you can expect.