It’s not all about Prince George!!

In our house, the children’s birthdays are not all about the children!!!  SHOCK HORROR!!!!

Every child’s birthday is a chance for us to celebrate what WE achieved the day that child was born..and of course to congratulate ourselves on making it through another year in one piece!

It is amazing to be able to spoil any child with a few presents and perhaps a party, but it is very special when someone takes a moment to raise a glass with or give a hug to the mother or father.

I went to a 2 years olds party last week, and assumed (rightly..phew)  that the little girl in question would be laden down with a bazillion presents from friends and she wouldn’t miss one from me!  I took the mother a bottle of Prosecco and a sunflower in a pot, I said “well done”..and she burst into tears!

So, when the party is over and the hyper children are in bed, take a minute to remember that moment when your child was born and congratulate yourself on YOUR achievement!

Its not all about prince george

So whilst we read that Prince George has been sent an Aston Villa Hat and a Fattened Bull and enough other gifts to fill a football pitch, I hope that someone will pass his mother a cold glass of something and give her a hug and tell her well done!