Births Laid Bare

Here we share some Birth Stories from some inspirational women we have met along the way. All the authors of our birth stories speak very candidly about their experiences and talk about the things they wish they had known, what they would have done differently and what tips they would pass on to others.

Maggie Howell, Natal Hypnotherapy

Maggie Howell, Creator and Director of Natal Hypnotherapy   Heavily Pregnant   My thoughts about hypnosis and ‘mind over matter’ really began when a good friend gave birth in a small barn next to her house. It was her first baby and was technically a difficult birth (4 hours for the second stage!). What really struck me was that she had not felt the need for any painkillers as, with each contraction, her partner would describe somewhere or something they had done together. Effectively her mind was focusing on something other than the ‘pain’. It was my husband who suggested […]

My Birth Story

In the Birthing Pool My latent labour started on the 14th of April at about 3am when I woke with mild contractions at home in bed.  I went back to sleep and woke intermittently for the next few hours until I got up.  I spent a relatively nice/strange/surreal/calm day at home with my husband just having what felt like bad period pains and Braxton Hicks together.  I ate and drank normally and had a 45 minute nap.  After lunch we strapped the TENS machine on and went for a 2 hour walk in the park, went to Sainsburys and was even […]

Birth Story, Sally Littlestone

Sally Littlestone, Owner of Revived London, a company that breathes life back into old pieces of furniture.     Sally, Andy, Seb and Chloe   On Friday 7th Sept (3 weeks before my due date) we went to stay in Northampton for a wedding.  I went to bed on the Friday and asked my husband to sleep in another room as I was feeling uncomfortable and knew it would be a bad night.  At 5.15am I was woken by my waters breaking so I waddled into the next bedroom to wake Andy. Whatever happened I wanted to give birth in my […]

Birth Story, Louise Hamilton – The Mummy Diaries

Louise Hamilton, Author of The Mummy Diaries   Pregnant Belly! On the Morning of my induction 12th April 2010 I woke up with my alarm at 6.15am. I went downstairs and ate 3 Weetabix while mum and I sat at the table in nervous silence. I checked I’d packed everything and took lots of pictures of my bump in the mirror. On the way down in the car I was texting all my friends and finally got to the hospital 8.30am to be induced. I handed the midwife my green pregnancy notes which is the last time I saw them – […]

A Birth Story – Shoulder Dystocia. WARNING – traumatic story but with a great outcome

Many thanks to Sasha of the Happy Baby Blog for sharing her story.   There was a pop and then a splosh as my waters broke. It could have been nothing else, I knew it immediately. As I ran to the bathroom it popped again, and I was suddenly standing with a puddle of water at my feet on the cold tiles. My waters. And so it begins. Our first schoolboy error was to get over-excited. It was 3.45am for god sake, and contractions turned out to only start the next evening, but we were excited and nervous and The Chef […]