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The New Purple One!!

  I’m mindlessly spooning porridge into the mouth of Thing 2 when Thing 1 announces  “I NEED A WEE WEE” He always shouts this at the top of his voice, like every time it is a surprise to him, a surprise which excites and delights him, and he wants to share it with the world!  We have broken new ground recently, and he can now go for “standing up wee wees like daddy..all by my own”.  (we are working on his aim and his bathroom cleansing skills).  So, off he trots, but moments later he is shouting for me to […]

Bye Bye Blackberry!

Wilf and Gus, Thing 1 and Thing 2, go to Nursery one day a this is my one day to get EVERYTHING done! Cleaning – scraping solidified Weetabix off the furniture and hosing down the boys’ pit! Admin – opening month-old letters and hiding horrid stuff like car insurance renewal letters. Stuff –  visiting the dental hygienist (so brutal, but I enjoy getting to lie down for 15 minutes!), having a smear test  (ditto)..general mummy maintenance Work – the usual..replying to emails, updating the site, messing around on Twitter and snooping on Facebook and the excitement of the day […]

Jojo Maman Bebe Jeans- A review

Every pregnant woman needs a decent pair of Maternity Jeans and with 5 Pregnancies between us , my sister and I have been hunting for the ultimate pair! They are more often than not too tight in the wrong places, saggy at the knees, slipping down over the burgeoning or bulging bump, unflattering and down right depressing! Jojo Maman Bebe have a huge range of top quality jeans made from comfortable stretch denim! Not the cheap stretch denim that fades and goes saggy after 5 minutes of wear..but a really nice thick stretch denim that really hugs your bum and […]

Ever wondered what to buy a Pregnant Friend?

Ever wondered what to buy a pregnant woman as a gift? You could NOT go wrong with a gift set from Emily Evans at 9 London! The gift set includes the Brilliant Bust Cream – with ingredients designed to Lift and Firm (Very important when things are starting to feel a bit droopy) and Super Stretch Mark Cream – with natural oils which help heal scar tissue. During my pregnancy I applied both creams in a daily post-bath ritual and they smelt divine!  They both absorbed straight away and didn’t leave me feeling sweaty of greasy as so many moisturisers […]

Why I did not (could not) breastfeed my babies

It goes without saying that every mother wants the best for her baby.  It also goes without saying that most educated women know that breastmilk is indeed the best form of nourishment you can give your child.  But time and time again we hear health workers, politicians and journalists commentating on the unsatisfactorily low breastfeeding rates in this country. The pros of breastfeeding are obvious.  It is free, (compared with £10 a week on formula for 12 months – £500), natural (there are stories of crushed fish bones in formula, incidents of glass shavings in the powder, the possibility of […]

Myy Feed – A Review

Myy Feed is a brand new product which lets you make a warm feed for on the go, this compact and portable product means no mess and no spills.  By allowing you to store hot water and formula in one product, you can make a warm feed exactly when needed at the touch of a button. We sent the Myy Feed to a reader in Holland who has a 5 month old baby and she let us know her thoughts! I loved that the Myy Feed kept the water warm for several hours, which was great! I could easily find the container in […]

Do You Enjoy being Pregnant?

In a word…NO! That’s me! Some people seem to love being pregnant.  They report seeing a glow in their skin and fullness in their hair, a spring in their step, a special warm feeling as they grow life inside them while they smugly fulfil their evolutionary purpose.  I tend to think those women are either lying or recounting their pregnancy in retrospect with a sprinkling of false memory syndrome brought on by the passage of time! However, I think its only fair to acknowledge that not everyone feels the same.  It’s a bit of a taboo to say that you […]