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Confessions! A New Blog Post

CONFESSIONS Author: Rebecca Maberly Tuesday, March 4th, 2014 Motherhood isn’t a breeze by any stretch of the imagination. So, why do we pretend we’ve got it perfected when anyone worth impressing is within earshot? We all have off moments. In fact, most us have a few off moments a day. Many mothers struggle with parenting demons – in fact dark thoughts and bad habits are more common than you think. We all have these feelings! Let’s absolve ourselves of our ‘sins’ by ‘fessing up and coming clean about the ‘bad’ things we mothers think and do! I’ll go first. I […]

Stop Bickering about Breastfeeding!

Stop Bickering about Breastfeeding! Before I set up this website, I had absolutely no idea how contentious the subject of breastfeeding was.  I had breastfed my son, very painfully and therefore begrudgingly, for 16 weeks and hated every minute.  (Read my story here)  My sister also had a pretty dismal experience but soldiered on a little longer than me.  Friends’ experiences ranged from exclusively breastfeeding happily for a year to mixed feeding from a few weeks and I had not known anyone who had chosen to bottle feed from birth. Within hours of launching our website, I received multiple “troll” […]

Got Help? A New Blog Post

GOT HELP? Author: Rebecca Maberly Monday, September 23rd, 2013 How much help you get from your baby father will depend on a number of factors: The kind of guy he is…good guy/bad guy? The amount of sleep he needs…flying on 5 hours or sluggish even on 8? The kind of job he has…brain surgeon? Out of work actor? How his own mother has helped to shape his beliefs…modern man or  Stepford Husband? And most significantly and importantly, how assertive you are! In a nutshell, if you are a bossy bitch, shacked up with a compassionate, freelance / unemployed artiste, insomniac […]

A Review of Dr Ellie Cannon’s new book “Keep Calm, The New Mum’s Manual”

I have just finished reading Dr Ellie Cannon’s new book, “Keep Calm, The New Mum’s Manual” and I am delighted to report that this no-nonsense parenting guide really hit the mark with me! When I was pregnant for the first time, with Wilfred in 2011, I was desperate to read anything that would help me (and my baby) survive the onslaught!  However, I was left wanting…every book I picked up irritated me with either its hippy-esque or militant tone, and there seemed to be very little in between!  But now, we have a happy medium.  Dr Ellie Cannon, a GP […]

Pregnancy Brain? Real? A myth? Or is it just the brain working in a different way?

Pregnancy Brain? Real?  A myth?  Or is it just the brain working in a different way?    Over the last 40 years of looking after pregnant women, I have often been bombarded by stories of poor memory, absentmindedness and lack of focus. It’s hard to tell whether these observations are real or just part of generally accepted story that pregnancy, in some way affects recall and cognitive function, and interferes with the ability of pregnant women to perform normal everyday tasks. Is it that pregnant women, in some way expect to behave differently when they are pregnant, and are just following […]

Drink Me! A New Blog Post

DRINK ME! Author: Rebecca Maberly Wednesday, January 8th, 2014 Shit…. I nearly just poured wine on my 2 years olds Weetabix! But wait, don’t call social services just yet because I’m not a proper alcoholic, I’m just a mother. Don’t tell me you haven’t ever done the same. As you open the fridge at blurry O’clock in the morning, you catch a glimpse of some Sauvignon Blanc in the shelf of the door, nestled in between the milk and the orange juice and the half bottle of flat Diet Coke, a little tear of condensation running down its long smooth green neck. […]

2 Things to help you through a bad week! – New Blog Post!

After a particularly horrible fortnight involving a non-breathing baby, a trip to A and E, a husband in Mauritius, a normally angelic toddler malfunctioning, and averaging 4 hours sleep a night I have discovered two things to help me through the darkest of times with small children. They are both so blindingly obvious and maybe I am way behind you all, but I thought I would share them in case you are having a bad week too!  If like me, you are a bit of a control freak, with punctuality, tidiness and routine, then maybe this will help! 1. IT […]

Some products that helped when breastfeeding

  If you are planing to breastfeed, here are some products that really helped.   Medela Hand Pump – perfect when out and about or to pump quickly at night   Medela Swing Electric Pump – the most effective and quietest we found on the market   Lansinoh Nipple Cream – a lifesaver. Expensive but worth it.   Nipple Shields – the thinnest we found   Warm and Cool Breast Pads – to help mastitis and engorgement   Breast Pads for leaky boobs   Muslins – an essential!  

The Doctor/Grandfather Speaks! What is it like to be an Obstetrician with two Pregnant Daughters?

Double Grandpa! Wilf 9 days and Daisy 0 days! It had been a long day at the Hospital, and that first cold beer was top of my “to do” list when I got home on that warm September evening. ! I was surprised (and delighted) to find both my daughters waiting for me. Both giggling. And both NOT clutching a large glass of chilled rose. I should have known! I was instructed to sit down, close my eyes and hold out both my hands. A plastic, stick-like object was placed in each open palm. What were they? I was mystified. […]

The Selfish Grandmother! Do you know one?

Read what my mother has to say about being a Granny as she guest blogs for the Selfish Mother! The Selfish Granny? You get the call. Daughter: “Mother… you’re going to be a Granny!” “Wow!” you say, gulping back tears of joy and wonderment, “How WONDERFUL. Aren’t you CLEVER! When? When?” Daughter: “I’ve done 10 tests today and they’re ALL positive, so we’ve worked out it will be September.” (It is at the moment January)…”we’re not telling a soul until 3 months, so I SUPPOSE we shouldn’t get excited yet.” You: “Absolutely, darling – let’s keep calm and wait till […]