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Braun No Touch + Forehead Thermometer – A Review

How brilliant to be able to take your child’s temperature without disturbing them whilst they are sleeping! When your baby has yet another nasty virus that he picked up at Play Group and is throwing a high temperature, it can be really worrying, especially at night time.  Babies seem to get so hot in the night and a temperature that is reaching 40 degrees is every parents fear. When our boys are really sick we often get up in the night to check their temperatures and make sure they are comfortable.  Sticking a thermometer in their ears often wakes them […]

Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding – Madeleine Morris

We have been asked to find someone to review the new book “Guilt-Free Bottle Feeding” by Madeleine Morris If you would like a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review, please visit our Facebook Page and make sure you have “liked” the page and then leave us a comment on our most recent post! Head to our HOMEPAGE and check out all our latest articles!

Why you Should Eat 2 Kiwi Fruit as Soon as you Have Given Birth!

Why you Should Eat 2 Kiwi Fruit as Soon as you Have Given Birth! Every woman is nervous about her first POO after giving birth! Whether you have had a Caesarean or a Natural Birth, you will no doubt be dreading the first time you have to try and do a number two. The softer the stool (poo), the easier it will be to get out and the less strain it will put on your abdominal muscles and perineum (area between vagina and anus). Kiwi fruit are a natural and mild laxative and eating a couple after you have given […]

Baby Shower Cakes That Will Put You off Childbirth!

We are not normally speechless, but we have no words for these Baby Shower Cakes….                          

“My wife didn’t want to take maternity pictures, so I hired a photographer and took her place…”

“My wife didn’t want to take maternity pictures, so I hired a photographer and took her place…” This man has taken Maternity photos to a whole new level! Apparently his wife wasn’t keen, so he decided to pose for the photos himself!        

Confessions of a Guilty Mother!

  Guilt is high up there on the list of emotions that you feel on a daily basis as a mother.  Even if you sit on the floor all day and play with your little ones (massive pet hate of mine) and tend to their every needs, then you will feel guilty about the housework or the social life you are neglecting. If you spend all day polishing your kitchen counter top and preparing gourmet meals for your children and husband, then you will feel guilty as they tug at your leg or yell at you for attention.  If you […]

Would you like to Hear your Baby’s Heartbeat on your Smart Phone?

  If you are pregnant and would like a chance to listen to your baby’s heartbeat at home and review this new Baby Heart Rate Monitor  – Unborn Heart Fetal Doppler, the please make sure you LIKE our Facebook Page , SHARE the post on Facebook and leave us a comment.  We will pick one name out of a hat on Monday 11th August!

It’s not all about Prince George

It’s not all about Prince George!! In our house, the children’s birthdays are not all about the children!!!  SHOCK HORROR!!!! Every child’s birthday is a chance for us to celebrate what WE achieved the day that child was born..and of course to congratulate ourselves on making it through another year in one piece! It is amazing to be able to spoil any child with a few presents and perhaps a party, but it is very special when someone takes a moment to raise a glass with or give a hug to the mother or father. I went to a 2 […]

Hospital Bag- What to Pack for the Birth

These lists have been carefully compiled by talking to many women who have given birth recently. Some items you will want to take in to the hospital when you go into labour, and some you can leave in car  or get your husband or partner to bring after birth.  We have placed an Asterisk (*) next to the items we think you should take in when you go into labour.   Essentials For you. Maternity Notes * 2-3 nighties, bearing in mind, you may give birth in one, and you may have some heavy bleeding after the birth.  We recommend […]

Swimming to the Isle of Wight to Raise Money for Borne!

I swam a lot as a child.  My father is a very good and very keen swimmer and he would take me, my sister and brother every Sunday morning whilst my mother prepared the hallowed Sunday Lunch. I guess I always assumed that he took us swimming purely for the love of the sport and his desire for us to share this and learn an important skill.  But now as the mother of two boisterous boys who go swimming with their father every weekend, the cynic in me sees the truth. My mother just wanted a few glorious hours to […]