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Going to Thailand at 22 Weeks?

My husband is desperate to get a holiday in to Thailand when I will be 22-24weeks, as he has been planning it for a while (before I knew was pregnant). I’m only 7 weeks so feel unsure of anything at the moment, is it likely to be safe to do this (flying and medical help over there)? Based on the limited information that you have given us, generally speaking, travel in pregnancy at this stage (22-24) weeks is usually safe.  It’s a time when you are unlikely to have any significant complications.  This is assuming you are well between now […]

Cervical Ectropion/Bleeding at 27 Weeks

I am 27+1 with twins and today noticed some spotting. I’ve been assessed at the maternity assessment unit and told my cervix long and closed (phew!) but my cervix looks raw which they referred to as cervical ectropion and explained this probably caused the bleeding. They didn’t seem worried- should I be? How has this come about (no sex or internal scans in last few days) and can I do anything? A cervical ectropion is a fleshy glandular bit of skin on the outside of the cervix which is particularly common during pregnancy.  It has no link with cancer, infection […]

MRI and Mammogram safe when pregnant?

I’m 9 weeks pregnant and received a letter from  requesting me to attend my annual breast MRI and mammogram,  I have the BRCA 1 gene as does my mum and brother, I’m 30 years old. Is it safe to have these tests, I will be 18 weeks when the appointment is due or can it wait until after the baby is born in 7 months? Thank you for your question.  It is such an important question which we are very pleased to help you with.  Clearly because of your genetic history you are at extra risk of developing breast cancer […]

Protein in Urine

I was at the Doctors for a 22 week checkup and he found additional protein in my urine sample. He said may be indicative of a UTI and sent off to check. Should I be on antibiotics straight away or is it ok to wait, I read cystitis can lead to miscarriage / abortion and a little stressed. At the time I didn’t think anything strange but on retrospect have realised am constantly needing to go to the loo (thought was normal). Thank you for your question.  We do not think you should be worried about the protein in your […]

Bikram Yoga

I have been practicing hot yoga several times a week for years and I have stopped going due to my pregnancy. I have seen several pregnant people in the class in the past.  Now that I am 14 weeks pregnant, would it be a problem to attend these hot yoga classes? Many thanks If you are fit and healthy and a seasoned practitioner of Hot Yoga, then we think it should be ok for you to continue to participate in this sport.  It is important that you make sure you keep your fluids up during your yoga session and afterwards.  […]

Long QT Syndrome

I am 37 and about ten weeks pregnant. I have long QT syndrome in my family that was discovered incidentally through a medical screen of a cousin. There is no known history of sudden death in the family.  I have a 50% chance of carrying the gene (I have not been tested, but my mother and two sisters do carry the gene). I can’t find any information on whether long QT is a potential risk during pregnancy nad my GP admits she doesn’t know much about it.   Any advice much appreciated. Minor heart arrhythmia and heart palpitations are quite common […]