How brilliant to be able to take your child’s temperature without disturbing them whilst they are sleeping!

When your baby has yet another nasty virus that he picked up at Play Group and is throwing a high temperature, it can be really worrying, especially at night time.  Babies seem to get so hot in the night and a temperature that is reaching 40 degrees is every parents fear.

When our boys are really sick we often get up in the night to check their temperatures and make sure they are comfortable.  Sticking a thermometer in their ears often wakes them and can set them off crying.  The new No Touch Thermometer from Braun is an incredible product that allows you to hold it up to 5cm from your child’s forehead and get an accurate temperature reading.

Braun No Touch Thermometer

Braun No Touch Thermometer

It has a silent mode – meaning no loud beeping to wake your sleeping baby.  It also has a proximity sensor which will guide you to the correct distance for taking an accurate temperature.

You can literally creep into your child’s room, and take their temperature in “stealth” mode without them knowing anything about it.

Take your baby's temperature without waking them!

Take your baby’s temperature without waking them!

This is a must-have for any mother who knows the value of a sleeping baby and wants the peace of mind the comes from owning the same brand that the doctors use!