Whether you have had a traumatic birth or perhaps just a birth that did not go quite as you had planned and you would like to talk to a professional about your options for your next pregnancy then our Birth Debriefing Session is for you.

If you are pregnant again or thinking about another baby and you feel nervous or confused about your options for your next birth then come and chat to Top Obstetrician, Roger Marwood who will help set your mind at rest.

A Debriefing Session can be very useful if you have experienced

-A long and painful labour

-An emergency C Section

-An assisted delivery (forceps/ventouse)

-A severe tear or cut

-A traumatic experience of any kind during the birth

-Your baby had trouble breathing when he/she was born

You may not understand why certain things happened as they did during the birth and you might feel very disappointed when you think about the birth.  Talking to a Professional about the sequence of events and why things happened can help you to feel more confident and empowered about your next birth.

In a small group setting, you will have a chance to discuss your previous birth experience and your plans for the next birth.

Please do get in touch for more information on dates and prices of our Debriefing Sessions.