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Babies! Just a few of the 20,000 that Roger has helped to deliver!

Antenatal Classes in South London

As the name suggests, we are the ideal antenatal team – Roger Marwood, the London Obstetrician who has supervised over 20,000 pregnancies, and his daughter Rebecca Maberly, who has two young children of her own. Check out our up-to-date and evidence- based Antenatal Classes to mums and dads-to-be in the Balham, Clapham, Streatham, Tooting and Wandsworth areas. Please visit our dedicated website Antenatal Classes in London  

FREE Online Antenatal Classes

Come over and check out our new venture “A Mother Place”  where we are providing FREE Online Antenatal Classes! Sound too good to be true? It does doesn’t it? But we promise there are no nasty catches! We just believe passionately that every woman deserves access to the most up-to-date and honest information for her Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond! Check them out and then share with someone you know!                 A Mother Place

A Mother Place- Our New Venture

Come and check out our brand new website – A Mother Place  – a website dedicated to bringing every woman the most honest, reliable and up to date antenatal and postnatal advice.  

Pelvic Floor Exercises- Do them now!

Most women have a vague idea that exercising the Pelvic Floor is important, but many are not sure why and even more are now sure how!   What is the Pelvic Floor?   The Pelvic Floor is a set of muscles that are positioned between the pubic bone (at the front- inside your pubes) and your tailbone (the bottom of your spine, just above your bum crack!). The muscles sit like a hammock and hold all your pelvic organs in place. This includes your bladder, bowel, uterus and vagina.   Why is it Important?   When these muscles are working […]

Latest Update on Zika Virus and Pregnancy

By Roger Marwood FRCOG Background The Zika virus is a relatively new virus that is rapidly spreading through Brazil and the Americas. It is important because it can affect pregnant women and may cause serious brain damage to their babies. It is transmitted by a mosquito bite and once the virus multiplies in the mother , it can cross over the placenta and cause a problem in the baby’s brain development. The defect is called microcephaly , which means small head , and therefore, small brain. It is likely that infection in the early part of pregnancy carries the greatest […]

Scared I May have contracted Zika Virus

I am 17 weeks pregnant and all is going well. Unfortunately I spent Christmas in Barbados which has been confirmed as a Zika location. Although there is relatively little information on the subject, I understand that additional scans to monitor the babies head growth may be beneficial and probably more importantly stop me worrying.. I had a routine appointment with the midwife this week but she did not know about the virus. I wondered what the best way to get additional scans would be. I’m happy to go private if required. It must be a worry , but help is […]

A Comparison with the Leading Provider

I wanted to take an opportunity to write a review to say how great I found the Doctor and Daughter antenatal course.  This is my first pregnancy and I have read a lot of books in preparation but I also wanted to do antenatal classes with my husband so that he feels more involved, prepared and clued up about all the changes that will occur in my body and in our life as we know it. The classes were recommended to me by a friend and so we signed up without hesitation and have no regrets as we both got […]

VIDEO DEBUT – We should ALL be doing Pelvic Floor Exercises!

Ever wondered WHY we should do Pelvic Floor Exercises and HOW? It will all become clear.

Interview with Anna Tizard from Tiba & Marl

Interview with the Lovely Anna Tizard who is a co-founder of TIBA & MARL – who make THE COOLEST Baby Change Bags around! What was your favourite part of being pregnant? I loved the excitement of knowing I was going to have my very own baby!! I loved my tummy growing, and weirdly I also loved the (superficial i know!) challenge of trying to still wear nice clothes, and try to style out the bump (I worked in a fashion office – I wouldn’t just wear leggings!!) What was the worst bit about being pregnant? I’m pretty sure 99% of […]